Allen Iverson Teams with Reebok to Cover College Application Fees at His Alma Mater

By: Kyle Daniels

Allen Iverson’s alma mater, Bethel High School in Hampton, VA received amazing news on Wednesday.

Iverson announced by video, that the students would have their college application costs completely covered by Reebok!

This is all part of Reebok’s rollout for their new collection, Origins Pack, which features new signature sneakers from the NBA legend himself.

“Nothing should limit you from applying to any school you want to consider,” Iverson shared. “By working with Reebok to cover the application costs of rising seniors at Bethel High, I want the next generation of game-changers to see college as a route to success, whether they want to be an artist or a doctor.”

Bethel students will also receive a new pair of Reebok’s! The new collection features the Answer V and Question Mid, Reebok sneakers.

In addition to the Bethel High School announcement, Reebok is also giving select students nationwide the same opportunity to have their college application fees covered.

Seniors can apply at by submitting 200 words or less on how the coverage of their college applications will enable them to reach their full potential and aspirations.

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