Pitcher Dallas Keuchel Covers $25,000 Dinner Tab for White Sox Organization

By: Kyle Daniels

White Sox Pitcher Dallas Keuchel threw a nice party at a local Chicago restaurant—to get acquainted with his new teammates, minor-leaguers, and staff.

No one was left uninvited, as he also extended his guest list to clubhouse attendants, trainers, equipment managers, secretaries, batboys, front-office, the coaching staff, spouses, and children.

More than 150 attended, as guests ordered from a menu and were also treated to an open bar.

It’s reported hat the bill for the event came out to about $25,000, a tab the White Sox’ new starting pitcher said was worth picking up.

“I don’t really know a whole lot of people yet,” said Keuchel. “Let’s get to know some of these minor-league guys and just kind of give them a taste of what a big-league dinner is all about.”

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Keuchel wanted to keep his generous gesture under wraps, but it was reported by USA Today on Tuesday

It was the first time anyone in the organization can recall anyone ever doing anything like this. Manager, Rick Renteria confirmed it by stating, “I have never seen that before.”

Everybody enjoyed the event and shared their thankfulness to Keuchel for getting the group together and embracing the White Sox family.

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