Quaden Bayles’ Family Will Donate $465K Raised for Disney Trip to Charity

By: Kyle Daniels

Quaden Bayles has touched the heart of millions within past weeks. The 9-year old Australian went viral for a cultural issue that sadly still goes on today.

The heartbreaking video of his reaction to being bullied for his condition left many appalled. Quaden was born with with achondroplasia, a genetic order that results in dwarfism.

The video, posted by his mother was received with an outpouring of support. Comedian Brad Williams even started a GoFundMe Page—in an effort to raise $10K to send the young Australian to Disney World. To date, the page has raised $465,021!

Although the family was truly touched by the support, Quaden’s aunt Mundanara Bayles shared that the family will instead redirect the funds to charity.

The two nonprofits receiving the funds are Dwarfism Awareness Australia and the Balunu Healing Foundation.

Dwarfism Awareness Australia educates Australians about dwarfism, while offering support to individuals and families affected with dwarfism.

Balunu Healing Foundation focuses on the healing of Indigenous youth through an appropriate healing program, which builds self belief and self esteem to overcome the wide range of challenges indigenous youth face in Australia.

“What kid wouldn’t want to go to Disneyland?” Mundanara told NITV. “To escape to anywhere that is fun that doesn’t remind him of his day-to-day challenges.”

The family wants to get back to the real issue. The family is working with Quaden’s school to introduce educational tools for schools to package around disability awareness, diversity and inclusion.

The family is also leading efforts to enact “Quaden’s Law” on a national level, which would improve anti-bullying curriculum.

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