Comedian Brad Williams Helps Raise Over $200,000 for Bullied 9-year-old

By: Kyle Daniels

Young Australian, Quaden Bayles recently went viral following a very emotional video posted on social media this week, after being bullied.

His Mother posted the clip on Facebook showing her son crying after school. She said she shared the video because Quaden, who was born with Achondroplasia (a form of dwarfism) has attempted suicide several times.

Comedian Brad Williams who also has Dwarfism, saw the video of Quaden and it hit too close to home. He decided to bring the 9-year-old joy by raising money to help send Quaden and his mother from Australia to Disneyland in California.

According to ABC4, “the fundraiser in just under 24 hours helped raise over $75,000 with a goal originally set for just $10,000!”

The video has now garnered over 13 million views and thousands of shares. The story has also led to other celebrities reaching out—including Hugh Jackman, who posted a video on Twitter calling Quaden a Hero. WWE has also reached out and wants to send him to Wrestlemania!

His Mother isn’t blaming the school or the children but simply thinks more should be done to teach children about disabilities. 

Quaden has since been pulled from school and his mother is considering homeschooling him.

If you wish to contribute to the Go Fund me page, created by Brad Williams, please visit,

Keep smiling Quaden , you’re a champion!

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