Swizz Beatz Gifts Alicia Keys With Her Own Tea Line at Starbucks

By: Kyle Daniels

Super Producer and Harvard graduate—Swizz Beatz gave his wife Alicia Keys a birthday gift to remember.

Kasseem Dean aka Swizzy gifted the 2x Grammy host and 15x Grammy award winner with her very own tea line!

The tea line creatively titled, “Alicia Teas” will be distributed within the coffee franchise of Starbucks around the world.

Alicia took to her personal social media profile to uploaded the video of her exact expression as she read the product description. Also acknowledging that it was a well though out gift, “It means you did this very far in advance.” 


Her husband of 10 years excitedly responded, “Everybody in Starbucks all around the world will see Alicia Teas. Happy birthday, baby. Love you.”

Alicia doesn’t plan on simmering anytime soon—she recently announced an upcoming album and is going on her first tour in 7 years. “Alicia The World Tour” will hit the stages in Europe and North America. The tour kicks off June 5 in Dublin, Ireland and ends September 22 in Miami, Florida.

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