Derrick Nnadi Pays Adoption Fee for 91 Dogs at Kansas City Shelter

By: Kyle Daniels

If you thought the Kansas City Chiefs couldn’t get any more lovable, you’re gladly mistaken.

While celebrating his teams recent Super Bowl win, Derrick Nandi put his jersey no. where his heart is and offered to cover the adoption fees for 91 dogs—at the Kansas City Pet Project.

Adoption fees at the Kansas City Pet Project are $150, which totals to a very generous $13,650 that the Super Bowl champ will cover.

On average, 10 dogs are typically adopted on a workday but that adoption count doubled after the Chiefs big game!

A spokesperson for the KC Pet Project said 20 dogs had been adopted through the program as of early Monday afternoon.

For those wondering why the defensive tackle chose to go this route, Nnadi got a shelter dog named Rocky, while playing at Florida State.

“All my life, I always wanted a dog,” Nnadi told CNN. “When I first got him, he was very timid. It made me think of how other animals, whether they’re owned or in a shelter, are feeling scared and alone.”

Nnadi’s good deed didn’t go unnoticed, In fact the story went viral! It even caught the attention of celebrity cook Rachael Ray, who decided to help as well. She offered to supply all 91 pets with her dog food brand “Nutrish” for the rest of 2020!

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