L.A. Lakers to Give Away 20,000 Kobe Tribute Shirts at Tonights Game

By: Kyle Daniels

The Los Angeles Lakers will honor late legend Kobe Bryant by giving away 20,000 tribute shirts to commemorate his legacy.

The Staples Center staff have placed a Kobe shirt on every attenders seat. Half of the arena will get Kobe #8 shirts—the other half will get #24 shirts.

They’ve also included those jersey numbers to the court design—as well as his initials on the baseline.

Tonight is the first Lakers game since Kobe’s tragic passing on Sunday. The team will face the Portland Trailblazers in a competitive yet emotional night.

On Thursday, L.A. head coach Frank Vogel shared that the team is trying its best to focus on basketball while also grieving the 5x champion aka the Black Mamba.

“We’re concentrating on the work,” Vogel said. “There’s therapy in the work. Our whole belief since I got here is that we’re just going to put our heads down, roll our sleeves up and grind, and do the job.”

The Lakers have several other tributes planned for the game, but no details have been disclosed. Tipoff is at 9:30p.m. CST with a national broadcast on ESPN.

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