J.J. Watt Donates All Proceeds from New Shoe Line to Honor Veterans Like His Grandfather

By: Kyle Daniels

Defensive end J.J. Watt has been a dominate player for the Houston Texans since 2011. He’s also tackled many initiatives through his Philanthropy off the field.

On Monday, Watt launched a new Reebok “Valor” shoe to honor veterans like his late grandfather. What’s even more honorable is that Watt will be donating all of his personal proceeds to a veterans’ organization that takes veterans to visit the Nation’s Capital.

The NFL star tweeted: “All of my personal proceeds are going to be donated to the Honor Flight. And five dollars from every shoe, up to twenty-five grand from Reebok, is going to be donated to the Honor Flight,” Watt says.

The tweet includes a video of Watt explaining that the new “Valor 2” shoe line is dedicated to his grandfather, James, and follows last year’s first Valor shoe campaign supporting the Navy Seal Foundation.

“This is going to be the Valor Two, and what I wanted to do is honor my grandpa. My grandpa, who is no longer with us, he was in the Korean War. I grew up hearing his stories about Pork Chop Hill and all his time over in Korea, so I wanted to honor him.”


The three time Defensive Player of the Year also included his grandfather’s name, division, battalion, and regiment—on the new, Korean War-themed, Valor shoe.

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