Lamar Jackson Gifts Offensive Line Rolex Watches for a Great Season

By: Kyle Daniels

Lamar Jackson has been amazing this season—with the Baltimore Ravens. Although the quarterback is a stand out sensation, he accredits the success to the teammates around him.

To show his gratitude over the holidays, Jackson gifted his Offensive line with Rolex watches!

Linemen Bradley Bozeman and Ronnie Stanley shared videos of the watches on their social media accounts.

“We’re really grateful for that guy,” guard Bradley Bozeman told “I had a Bolex, the fake Rolex, that costs you about $30. This is by far the nicest watch I have by leaps and bounds.”

Both team mates have played a pivotal role in helping Jackson’s campaign of becoming the Most Valuable Player this season. The 22 year-old quarterback currently leads the league with 36 touchdown passes through 15 games.

It’s been an NFL tradition for QB’s to gift their offensive line. In fact, Jackson’s predecessor, Joe Flacco, bought the Ravens lineman $2,000 slushy machines in 2018 and earlier this year—Russel Wilson gifted a total of $156,000 in Amazon shares for his 13 offensive linemen.

The Ravens have already clinched the No. 1 seed and fans look forward to seeing what else Baltimore has in store.

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