Lil Pump Hands Out Food and Clothes To Homeless On LA’s Skid Row

Last week Gazzy García aka Lil Pump decided to spread holiday cheer to homeless in LA.

He was seen handing out food and clothes in skid row; an area that contains one of the largest stable populations of homeless people in the United States.

According to sources, he partnered with his friend RD Whittington who is the owner of Wires Only—the company donated $7,000 towards the event. He also got together with hot dog on a stick, which provided a delectable assortment of corn dogs and My Friends House Foundation, where their mission is to provide life-sustaining staples to the homeless and economically disadvantaged.

Aside from the tasty eats, Lil Pump also donated clothes, undergarments and jackets to help keep them warm— for the cold weather season.

The event was able to help feed and clothe over 600 people. Most importantly, the community was able to experience care and joy this holiday season.

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