Jaden Smith Donates Fourth Water Filtration System to Residents of Flint

Jaden Smith is continuing to let his generosity flow throughout Flint, Michigan. The artist, actor and philanthropist has just donated his fourth water filtration system to aide the city’s ongoing water crisis.

The effort by Smith and his nonprofit group, also known as 501CThree, builds upon the work Smith began in the city last year when he brought Flint its first Water Box. 

The Water Box is a mobile filtration system that reduces heavy metals and bacteria from water, producing roughly 10 gallons a minute. This one will sit at the Latinx Technology and Community Center on Flint’s east side.

Flints water crisis has been ongoing since 2014. Jaden has consistently donated boxes of his “JUST” water to Flint residents and donated the first Water Box system back in March.

According to WNEM, the young icon stated: “Ever since the water donations started dwindling down from when the crisis in Flint first started, we always wanted to supply something that could be within the community for people to get clean water,” Smith said…”So, if the water bottle donations continue to go down, we now have four filtration systems in the community to access clean water.”

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