Khalil Mack Pays Off 300 Holiday Layaway Accounts at a Walmart in His Hometown

Khalil Mack has been an undeniable force in his six seasons with the NFL, especially with his current team—the Chicago Bears.

When the dominate linebacker isn’t helping his teammates win on the gridiron, he manages to be a game changer through good deeds in the community.

This past Friday, a rep from the 28-year-old’s nonprofit —The Khalil Mack Foundation approached a Walmart located on Florida’s east coast (Khalil’s hometown) and asked to be a secret Santa.

Store-manager, Mathias Libardi shared that the donation covered more than 300 layaway accounts! Although they didn’t disclose the amount, they did offer a huge thank you to Mack and his charity.

“We here at Walmart would like to thank the Khalil Mack Foundation for your generosity, and for making so many families happy for the holidays!” they said. “Everyone is truly grateful for everything you have done for them!”

The Khalil Mack Foundation’s mission is to positively affect the lives of intercity and under-privileged youth and families by providing for the community, through educational and extra-curricular initiatives—in a safe and enjoyable environment.

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