Sia Casually Pays for Shoppers Purchases at Walmart and T.J. Maxx

While many still may not know how Sia looks behind her famous face covering wigs, her kind heart is always recognizable.

The day before Thanksgiving, a video was shot by a shopper at a Palm Springs Walmart showing the “Chandelier” singer telling shoppers in line that her name was Cici and that she was paying it forward after winning the lottery.

The Australian singer, who who often hides her face when performing was finally recognized—and kindly showed love by hugging and and taking pictures with fans and customers that were blown away by her generosity.

“Ta-da! Who’s next?” Sia said in a video after finishing up one customer’s transaction. She then pulled her credit card from the register and walked over to pay for another family’s purchases.

Another person revealed that the singer conducted the same good deed at a local T.J. Maxx! The shopper shared: “This nice lady decided to pay for everyone’s stuff because she ‘won the lottery’… Facebook just told my mother it was @Sia, I didn’t recognize her… and I blame the fact that she hid under that wig for so long.”

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