Judge Greg Mathis Hosted Annual Turkey Giveaway for Detroit Families in Need

The worlds most beloved Judge, Greg Mathis continued his amazing tradition—along with his non profit to host an annual Turkey Giveaway to Detroit families in need.

The youngest elected judge in Michigan’s history, is the founder of The Mathis Community Center, located in his hometown of Detroit, MI. Where its mission is to make a difference in the community.

It’s a place where learning is encouraged and positive activities are a way of life. The Center has hosted many rallies, events and offers tutoring and training programs.

The organization has also served as a rallying point for the local community to donate water and other supplies to those in need. Judge Mathis has even delivered 50,000 bottles of water to aide the crisis in Flint—after hearing that the state of Michigan canceled their distribution of water to schools.

He recently took to social media to post photos of the giveaway, sharing: “HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE MATHIS AND TURNER GRANDCHILDREN!”

You can continue to watch the Emmy Award winning Judge Mathis Show weekdays at 2pm | 3pm on WCIU.

For more information on his great organization, please visit http://www.mathiscommunitycenter.com

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