Tyler Perry Pays $14,000 Hospital Bill for Atlanta Couple Stuck in Mexico

What started as a dream vacation took an unfortunate turn for an Atlanta couple— traveling on a Carnival Dream cruise ship.

Fiancée Tori Austin, Stephen Johnson, 31, fell ill and was diagnosed on board with pancreatitis and diabetes.

Johnson was “near death,” when he was checked into the hospital, Centro Médico Americano, on Nov. 14, a hospital administrator told NBC News on Saturday.

The couple were forced to seek medical treatment while on their vacation but were prevented from leaving when they couldn’t afford the medical bill. Like other private hospitals in Mexico, the policy requires that all medical bills must be paid at the time of discharge administrator.

In a last resort effort, Austin together with Johnson’s sister created a GoFundMe page to raise money needed to cover the cost.

Mega movie producer—Tyler Perry came to their rescue upon seeing it! It’s reported that Mr. Perry paid the couple’s medical bill and also offered to cover their travel expenses once they’re both cleared to leave.

“I am so thankful for him,” Austin said of Perry.

Austin hopes that the hospital discharges her fiancée on Sunday since he’s doing “a lot better,” Centro Médico Americano said that Johnson may not be discharged for at least a couple of days—since he is still undergoing procedures.

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