Barack Obama Surprises and Helps Food Bank Volunteers Prep Thanksgiving Meals in Chicago

Volunteers at a Chicago food bank were in for a presidential surprise this past Tuesday!

Former President Barack Obama paid an unannounced visit to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, where he helped assemble Thanksgiving meals—for those in need.

The Chicago Food Depository provides food for hungry people while striving to end hunger in Cook County. The non-profit acts as a hub for a network of more than 700 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and other programs.

Showing hometown pride—Obama wore a Chicago White Sox hat as he arrived with bags of donated food and donned latex gloves to work side by side with the other volunteers.

As he helped bag potatoes, a candid moment was caught of him speaking to two little girls that were also volunteering. He told them, “You guys are doing such a great job helping out. I’m really proud of you.”

During a quick interview, the 44th President shared: “Wherever you are in the country, I’m sure there is an organization like this one doing some really great work,” Obama said. “Make sure that you give them some support as we go into the holiday season.”

Obama later tweeted—”Thanks to the Chicago @FoodDepository team for all you do and to the volunteers who are doing great work and let me crash today,” Obama said in a tweet Tuesday night. “Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!”

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