Demario Davis Wins Appeal Over ‘Man of God’ Headband, Turns $7,000 Fine Into $120,000 Hospital Donation

New Orleans Saints linebacker—Demario Davis was fined for the stylish yet purposeful “Man of God” headband he wore during a game against the Seattle Seahawks.

According to the NFL guidelines, the league fines players and coaches for several things, including uniform violations. Personal messages on uniforms are subject to fines. The minimum first offense fine given to Davis was $7,017.

Instead of adding fuel to controversy, the 30-year-old decided to turn a negative situation into a positive one. He stopped wearing the garment on game days, which spared him from greater fines, but his post, which included a link to a website where the “Man of God and “Woman of God” headbands were available for purchase, went viral!

The Saint went on to win his appeal, meaning the NFL waived the fine. The good hearted linebacker decided to take the amount he would’ve been fined—in addition to the sales his headband garnered and donated it all to a St. Dominic a hospital in his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi.

To make the news even better—that $60,000 was, in turn, doubled to a whopping $120,000 thanks to an equal matching grant given to the hospital.

“This is amazing, it just shows you the power of God,” Davis said on the latest episode of Fox Nation’s “Laura and Raymond.” “You know, I would have never thought this whole movement would have happened — and it’s not just here in New Orleans. It’s been national.”

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