James Harden Gives $10,000 Cash to Family in Bahamas Fishing for Food

James Harden of the Houston Rockets has been spotted spending time and working out in the Bahamas during his off-season. While the seven-time NBA All-Star is relatively quiet in the media, his recent actions speak volumes!

Saturday, Harden, some of his friends, and Adidas marketing manager Troy Payne spent part of the day joy riding on ATV’s. Indeed it was joy they did bring when James and his friends decided to give back to many in the Bahamas community by giving cash to random people and children in the streets.

A very special moment happened when he noticed a family fishing for their next meal and handed them $10,000 in cash. The family in return were very thankful of the kind gesture (see video below).

Once Harden returns to Houston, his charity, 3 the Harden Way, will hold the JH Town Weekend from Aug. 23 through 25. The event includes a comedy show, celebrity softball game and community outreach.

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