Memphis Native ‘Back it up Terry’ Gifted New Wheelchair After Viral Fireworks Video

Memphis native, Antario Davis became a viral sensation when the phrase “Back It Up Terry” was yelled during a firework incident that involved his wheel chair— on the Fourth of July.

It’s been two years and the video has amassed millions of views on YouTube and many memes on social media. 

During the video, many didn’t know that the wheelchair actually malfunctioned and Terry was unable to put his 11-year old wheelchair in reverse.

Quantum Rehab realized the wheelchair was one of theirs and gifted Terry a new one at no cost!

Another gift was a copyright attorney. Despite being a viral sensation, he hasn’t gotten a dime from his internet stardom. Attorney—Jason Luck decided to help copyright the famous catchphrase, so Davis can benefit monetarily as well.

Lastly, thanks to the generosity of the community, Davis will also be getting repairs to his home to retrofit it for his new chair – along with a handicapped accessible van.

“I appreciate all my fans, all the people out there rooting for me, I’m very very happy,” said Terry.

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