O’Neal Partners with Epson to Give Free Printers to U.S. Community Schools

NBA Hall of Famer, Investor and Philanthropist—Shaquille O’Neal recently announced a new partnership with worldwide technology leader Epson that will empower students with free tech tools.

The philanthropic initiative with the company is called “Epson and Shaq, it will work in collaboration with Community aim Schools (CIS) to provide a suite of technology products, including EcoTank printers, interactive projectors, and scanners, to schools across the country.

Epson’s EcoTank printers allow users to save up to 90% on ink with their low-cost replacement bottles.

O’Neal was introduced to the product after he ran out of ink one night, went to Staples, found an Epson printer with refillable ink and fell in love.

“Epson and I share the same passion for education and giving back,” O’Neal said in a statement.

As for his new post-basketball career as a pitchman, O’Neal was asked to name all the companies he works with, and to give us a total number. “I don’t know,” he says. “I’m not a pitchman, I’m a partner,” he says. “I only work with companies I admire.”

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