LeBron Gives Jersey Number so Anthony Davis Can Wear No. 23 With Lakers

LeBron James welcomes Anthony Davis to Los Angeles with more than open arms. In fact, he will generously give up his iconic No. 23 with the Lakers in 2019-20, which allows Anthony Davis to wear the iconic number.

Davis returned the favor by reportedly turning down a $4 million trade kicker clause in his contract, which when coupled with another trade, gives the Lakers enough salary cap space to sign a free agent to a max contract.

James started his career in Cleveland with No. 23 to honor Michael Jordan. He switched to No. 6 for his four-year tenure with the Miami Heat, and then switched back when he returned to the Cavaliers in 2014. 

It is unclear what number James will wear next season, and he’ll be limited by the 11 numbers already retired by the team — 8, 13, 22, 24, 25, 32, 22, 34, 42, 44 and 52. Whatever he chooses, it’s likely to end up in the rafters.

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