Kanye West Launches a Creative Incubator for Young Designers

Kanye’s incubator program will provide aspiring creatives in fashion and design access to the studio and eye for talent that gave the world Louis Vuitton’s Virgil Abloh and Fear of God creator Jerry Lorenzo.

The first recipient of the grant is Chicago-born Maisie Schloss, a Parsons graduate and former member of the Yeezy womenswear design team.

Schloss will launch her brand, Maisie Wilen, next week at an event in Los Angeles. With another event in Paris later this month, Schloss’ 85-piece collection will range from $100 to $950.

Schloss shared: “Yeezy is a really special environment for growing and developing a career,” Schloss said. “When I started I was just an assistant, but the highly creative and unconventional atmosphere allowed for me to have visibility and input in a wide variety of projects. Kanye very generously offered to support me; he truly cares about sharing resources, creating opportunities for creatives to grow and be recognized.”

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