Common Visits Seniors at Whitney Young H.S. to Promote Self Love

This past Monday, the Chicago bred artist, actor and author took time to spread love before his performance later that night— at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

He took part in a campus conversation with the soon-to-be graduates. It was moderated by Justin Woods, a student from his very own Finding Common Ground Foundation. During the event, he generously took group selfies, performed with the school’s jazz musicians and touted the virtues of practicing self-love.

He wisely stated: “To practice the philosophy of sharing love, you first have to work on loving yourself. It’s hard to hate when you love yourself because you can see the joy, and you can take victory in somebody else’s victory.”

He also shared advice gained from the recording business and his TV/film career. “Once I started recognizing that I am who I am and the roles that are meant for me, I’m going to get, I started sending positive energy when those other people got those roles,” he said. “It made me feel greater and I was able to focus more on what I’m supposed to be doing and less on thinking that person didn’t deserve that.”

Common’s appearance was the school’s last gift to the senior class before they receive their high school diplomas next Friday.

To read more of Common’s amazing views on love, you can purchase his new memoir, “Let Love Have The Last Word” —sold online and at all major book retailers.

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