Grandmaster Caz & Melle Mel Fund Recording Studio for Community School

By Kyle Daniels

The organization Windows of Hip-Hop, along with Bulova, awarded Community School 55 in Bronx, NY with a brand-new recording studio. The two pioneers of Hip-Hop are board members of the organization. They both believe in sharing the gift of music through the gift of creation. 

“Music is a great teacher and the most important thing is the education you have to feel good about your education, you have to want to learn and educate yourself,” says Melle Mel.

In order to build the recording  studio, a cafeteria at the school will be fully converted. Also, a dance floor will also be added to the layout. Students will learn to write, edit and produce music. The schools staff also believe it will enhance other skills that can help them outside the music world.

Bulova, the company known for its chic time pieces will be giving teachers watches to encourage them to get involved with the studio.

The students were extremely excited when finding out about the the sound lab and also having the chance to work with Grandmaster Caz and Grandmaster Melle Mel.

The studio at Community 55 is scheduled to open later this year.

Source: News 12

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