Tyler Perry Helps 4 Children of Slain Mother by Covering Funeral Housing & Tuition

By Kyle Daniels

Recent news broke out of Georgia about Tynesha Evans, a mother who was killed Saturday morning by her boyfriend outside of an Alpharetta bank. The 45-year-old was an author and full-time healthcare worker, who left behind 4 children. 

In an effort to pay for the funeral, other bills and avoid eviction, a GoFundMe page was launched on Sunday to raise money. One daughter had already anticipated having to drop out of Spelman College for lack of tuition funds.

To the Children’s surprise, the GoFundMe campaign for Evans’ exceeded its initial $50,000 goal, with nearly $54,000 contributed in less than two days.

However, what happened next was something none of the minors expected. News outlets report that Producer-Tyler Perry offered to take care of the family’s rent for 6 months, to avoid eviction from their apartment. He also arranged for the mothers body to be flown back home to Wisconsin for the burial. His compassion and generosity didn’t stop there, he promised to cover 18-year-old, Sharadiant’s tuition at Spelman College so she didn’t have to drop out of her courses. 

One of the children, 14-year-old Shakemia Turner, called Perry “an angel on Earth.” 

Although the circumstance for his giving  was unfortunate, it’s people like Mr. Perry that restores faith in humanity. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time. 

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