Jaden Smith Helps Flint: JUST an Icon Giving

By Kyle Daniels

Jaden Smith has grown from a child star, following in his fathers footsteps to a young man creating his own path. As many know, he’s the son of Will and Jada Smith but is also known as an established actor, model, rapper and fresh-philanthropist. 

Jaden and his father have teamed up on multiple projects, two being the “The Pursuit of Happyness” and “After Earth”. However, their biggest endeavor may have been in 2015. This time with Jaden as the lead, the two founded the eco-friendly bottled water company JUST. The responsibly resourced beverage is 100% premium spring water in a paper-based recyclable bottle. In fact, its packaging comes from almost entirely renewable resources, including “plastic” derived from sugarcane. The passion has been with Jaden since age 11. He simply wanted to make something better for the environment and so that people wouldn’t have to drink from petroleum-based plastic all of the time.

Jaden Smith and father Will Smith endorsing the Just Water brand.

While the water brand has certainly gained positive momentum in past years, it’s now making major waves once again. The Associated Press reported: “The 20-year-old’s JUST Goods Foundation is joining forces with First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to deploy a mobile water filtration system in Flint Michigan.” The system is known as The Water Box, which reduces lead and other potential contaminants.

Nationally known, the Flint water crisis first started in 2014 when the drinking water source for the city of Flint, Michigan was changed from Lake Huron and the Detroit River to the cheaper Flint River. Due to insufficient water treatment, lead leached from the lead water pipes into the drinking water, exposing over 100,000 residents.

Since then, many have aided the city by donating thousands of dollars and bottles of water. Many grantees included Hip-Hop elites: The Game, Diddy, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean and Detroit legend Eminem. To date, the church has also distributed over 5 million bottles of water to residents, but bottled water donations are now on the decline. To make matters worse, efforts have been a lot slower than expected with replacing old-unsafe pipes. 

Thankfully with Jaden’s Water Box system, it will be able to create a 5-gallon container with clean water in about 30 seconds. Also, for easy accessibility, the filtration system can be hooked up to a hose for instant use. This amazing effort from the young Syre is adding new meaning to the term “drip” and the people of Flint certainly deserve new innovations like this for better sustainable living. 

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