Tyler Perry: The Producer & Philanthropist

By Kyle Daniels

Throughout the years, Tyler Perry has given us laughter, joy and inspiration through numerous stage plays and films but his personal philanthropy has done the same as well.

It’s no act, Perry may be known just as much for his generosity as his incredible talents. The writer, producer, director, actor and author has overcome early and late struggles of poverty, abuse, homelessness and a slow start to filling theater seats. Now Perry is considered the most successful African American filmmaker in history. His movies have grossed well over $400 Million and he’s the owner of Tyler Perry Studios, a massive 330 acre motion picture studio in Atlanta.

His humble beginnings, success and compassion has led to him to help countless of others personally and also through The Perry Foundation, which aims to transform tragedy into triumph by seeding individual potential, supporting communities, and harvesting real change.

Some of his most notable contributions include a $1 million donation for the relief after an earthquake struck Haiti in 2010. Another was a $1 million grant to the NAACP which was commemorating its 100th anniversary.
His most recent gift was this past December, the film maker shelled out $434,000 to pay off all customer items held on layaway at two Atlanta-area Walmart stores. He humbly stated: “I know it’s hard times and a lot of people are struggling. I’m just really really grateful to be able to be in a situation to do this, so God bless.”

Now back with a new stage play “Madeas Farewell Tour” and film “A Madea Family Funeral”, the director is expected to write off the famous Madea character that boomed him into stardom in 2005. But with over 17 feature films, 20 stage plays, seven television shows and a New York Times bestselling book, one thing is certain, Perry’s career has no signs of perishing.


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