Ciara and Russell Level Up with Dream Big Campaign

By Kyle Daniels

While both are considered top performers in entertainment, their career fields are quite different. Russell is an NFL quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks and Ciara is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and model.
If the couple shows proof that opposites do attract, there are a few major commonalities as well. They’ve won the highest accolade in their profession with a Super Bowl & Grammy. Both share the same last name since being wedded in 2016. Lastly, each has an undeniable passion for Philanthropy. 

The Why Not You Foundation, developed by the couple announced a new empowerment campaign called Dream Big: Anything is Possible. This was done in partnership with KCLS, KCLS Foundation and JPMorgan Chase. It encourages students to utilize programs and resources through community libraries and immerse themselves in STEAM education, homework help, mentoring, coding classes, ESL support SAT prep and more.

As literal faces of the campaign, limited edition library cards will feature both Ciara and Russell. According to King Country Library System: “The free all-access KCLS library cards can be found at KCLS libraries (serving 36 King County cities and 18 school districts) and JPMorgan Chase branches throughout King County.

The library cards featuring Russell Wilson and Ciara were designed by artist Keegan Hall.

In addition, the couple also announced a $100,000 Why Not You scholarship, with plans to select and announce eight Why Not You Scholars this spring.

As if that wasn’t enough to make you “1, 2 Step”, Ciara also recently announced a new business venture called Beauty Marks Entertainment (BME). The brand will aim at merging the music industry with fashion, film, technology and philanthropy.

So what’s next for the power couple? Whether its news on music, family, football or philanthropy, we look forward to seeing what else the Wilsons have in store. To Learn more about the Dream Big campaign and Why Not You Foundation, visit

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