Travis Scott Mixes Football with Philanthropy

Houston, Texas – Rapper Travis Scott agreed to perform during the Super Bowl LIII halftime show, but with one stipulation: the NFL to make a joint donation to an organization fighting for social justice in order for him to move forward with the event. According to Billboard: “The rapper and the NFL donated $500,000 to the Van Jones’ Social Justice Accelerator.” Scott plans to work with the NFL on more initiatives, too.

In addition, the “Sicko Mode” rapper recently donated $100,000 to a unique after-school program. A non-profit called Workshop Houston. An arts-based educational youth development agency in his hometown. With his help, students in the program will be able to make their own music with the latest software. The goal of the program is to teach students in the Third Ward to be independent.

Aside from the half time hype, this isn’t the rappers first signs of generosity. Back in August of 2018, he tweeted “SO I KNOW ITS HARD FOR THE KIDS SO I DECIDED TO UNLOAD MY BANK ACCOUNT ON U GUYS…” He then followed by giving away $100,000 to fans that tweeted their cash tag with lyrics from his latest album Astro World. As promised, Travis sent between $50 to $500 to each fan that participated.

You can catch Travis Scott’s performance at tonight’s Super Bowl LIII halftime show, alongside Maroon 5 and Big Boi from Outkast.

Hip-Hop Philanthropy

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